Lyle on the phone in Comic 03


'Sanity Not Included: Comic 03' is the third in the series of test comics run on DexterBoy124 and GuitarMasterX7's youtube channels.

'Comic 03' was uploaded on the 4, December, 2011 and has recieved over 50,000 views.


Lyle is in a bar and recieves a phone call from Dex concerning a buzzing sound and a fridge.


(Lyle is at a bar talking to a random girl)

Lyle: Hey Girl, whats your name?

Random Girl: Sandy

Lyle: That is such a stupid name. God I hate you.

(Lyle's phone goes off, its Dexter.)

Lyle: Hello?

Dexter: Lyle, Lyle!

(The image changes to Dexter at his flat which he shares with Lyle)

Dexter: I'm freaking out ok. The fridge is making a really weird noise!

Lyle: Is it like a buzzing noise?

Dexter: Yeah, yeah! Thats exactly what it is!

Lyle: Then its like the fan or some shit, fridges always have that noise.

Dexter: And you're sure about this?

Lyle: Yeah, positive, later

(Dexter turns round a see's a man dressed in a bee suit, making the sound of a bee)


Sanity Not Included Comic 03

Sanity Not Included Comic 03