Comic 04 screenshot

'Comic 04' Is the Fourth comic in the Sanity Not Included Comic series. It was uploaded onto youtube on January 8, 2012. It has recieved over 1,000 views. It was uploaded onto GuitarMasterX7's youtube channel, as he and DexterBoy124, alternate turns in uploading (GMX7 with even numbers and DB124 with odd numbers)


-Dexter is in a car on the phone to Lyle-

Lyle: Hello!

Dexter: Hey mate, my car broke down in a really fucking bad neighbourhood and its a hundred degrees, can you come pick me up?

Lyle: Shit dude, of course. Where are you?

Dexter: I'm on the corner of Pickle Street Sven Avenue.

Lyle: Men Avenue?

Dexter: No. Sven Avenue

Lyle: Alright, I'll be right their. But uh I gotta tell you something first...

Dexter: What?

Lyle: I dunno man, this is really gonna piss you off.

-Lyle is naked playing Xbox in his apartment. Dexter walks in, slamming the door-

Dexter: You have the worst answering machine, EVER!!!