Sanity Not Included: Comic 07 also known as 'Boobs', posted on DexterBoy124's channel on 29 January, 2012.


Lyle asks why Nina's tits or so big and in return they get a picture of Nina's parents.


The scene starts with Nina serving drinks to Lyle and Dex

Nina: Here you go boys!
Lyle: Thanks
Dex: Thanks Nina... Woaah!
Nina spills the drinks with her boobs
Nina: Oooops I'm sorry
Lyle: UGH...Why are your tits so big Nina? That i'm complaining or anything, but I mean were you like dumped in toxic waste as a child or something?
Nina: If you think these are big, you should see my parents, here look!
Dex: Damn I bet she's the biggest MILF ever!


Sanity Not Included Comic 07 - Boobs

Sanity Not Included Comic 07 - Boobs