Sanity Not Included Comic 08: Also known as 'Present Day' is the eighth episode of the Comic series, drawn by Shadman. 


Amanda wants to get a nice present for Dex, and asks Lyle for some help. 


The scene starts with Amanda bursting through the door

Amanda: Hey Lyle. I want to to give Dex a really good Christmas present this year...
Amanda: But I have no idea what to give him. Did he mention anything he wants to you?
Lyle: Yeah, he said he wants you to get him dildos and eyeliner!
Amanda: Fine, fuck you! I'll find a gift on my own!

Amanda slams the door shut, leaving. Lyle turns behind the couch where Dex is hiding

Lyle: Sorry buddy, I guess you aren't getting em' this year either!


Sanity Not Included Comics - Present Day

Sanity Not Included Comics - Present Day