DexterBoy124 (real name 'Dexter Manning') is one of the co-producers of Sanity Not Included and has had a massive amount of influence on the series.

His first video on Youtube was titled "Boy Next Door."

More commonly known as a right-wing knob by his peer.

Sanity Not IncludedEdit

DexterBoy124 as said before is a co-producer of SNI. He voices a range of Video Game voices and also voices his character Dexter.

Gears No MoreEdit

DexterBoy124 wrote, filmed and produced Gears No More. He also voices the main character, Dex .

Wolf's Retarded Mission (Coming to this wikia soon)Edit

DexterBoy124 is the producer, filmer and writer of Wolf's Retarded Mission (WRM).

Relationship with GuitarMasterX7Edit

GuitarMasterX7 and DexterBoy124 have had a close relationship of videos together and have been working together for a while before Sanity Not Included arrived.

There first main Machinima series together was titled "Peach's Slutty Brawlgasm". The title came from DexterBoy124's big machinima called "Peach's Slutty Adventure" and GuitarMasterX7 big machinima (With less story line and more 3-7 minute sketches) "Brawlgasm"