Gears No More Part 1
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 18, November, 2008
Written by DexterBoy124
Directed by DexterBoy124
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Gears No More Part 1 (Simply known on youtube as Gears No More) is the first in DexterBoy124's Machinima series, Gears No More. It was uploaded onto Machinima on 18, November, 2008. It has reached 140,000 views, making it quite unknown compared to many of DexterBoy124's other shows such as Sanity Not Included


Kevin a member of the COG army, wakes up with no idea whats happened to him. Once he's to his sense's he looks for his fellow soldiers, but the moment he finds them they open fire on him, calling him a locust. He tries to communicate to them, but to no avail, they think that its Kevins voice that has been stolen. He meets up with Dex who's in the same position as Kevin, and together they realise they've become locusts. They regroup with Rob another soldiers who turned locust and a battle starts between them three and soldiers. During the battle Rob gets injured and tells Dex and Kevin to go ahead, leaving him to pick off the last and die. Dex and Kevin escape successfully but the building explodes and we presume strongly that Rob is dead.


  • Despite it being the first in the series, Gears No More Part 1, isn't the most viewed. Gears No More Part 7 is.