Gears No More Part 4
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date 10th, February, 2009
Written by DexterBoy124
Directed by DexterBoy124
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Gears No More Part 4, is the fourth part in the Gears No More series, filmed and produced by DexterBoy124. It has reached 90,000 views on Youtube.

Episode SummaryEdit

As summed up on Machinima: "Dex and Kevin finally reach the Locust hometown, will thier problems start to fade? Or are things only going to get worse for them?..."


The group finally makes it to the Locust's hometown of 'PenisLand' ("We are awesome" in English) Dex is given the ceremony to become a guardian. He chooses Kevin and Rachel for his squad and names the squad Red Wind. They then are tested by going against an attacking group of humans. They succeed. The part ends with Rachel revealing to Kevin that she was once a human.




Gears No More Part 4 (Gears of War 2 Machinima)

Gears No More Part 4 (Gears of War 2 Machinima)