One of GMX7's logos.

GuitarMasterX7 is the co-founder and one of the creators of the show Sanity Not Included . Also like DexterBoy124, he has had a large influence on the series. The first video uploaded to his YouTube account (and still on it) is "Off the Air ," a quick Halo 3 video.

Sanity Not IncludedEdit

As said before, GuitarMasterX7 is a co-producer of SNI. He has a lot of influence and does many voices in the vidoe game section (though DexterBoy124 usually does more). He also voices Lyle and Rauss . As of the final episode of the 3rd season of Sanity Not Included, he has left the series and will be replaced starting in season 4.

Gears No MoreEdit

GuitarMasterX7 voices Kevin, one of the main characters in Gears No More.

Relationship with Dexterboy124Edit

GuitarMasterX7 and DexterBoy124 have had a close relationship of videos together and have been working together for a while before Sanity Not Included arrived.

Their first main Machinima series together was titled "Peach's Slutty Brawlgasm ". The title came from DexterBoy124's big machinima called "Peach's Slutty Adventure" and GuitarMasterX7 big machinima (With less story line and more 3-7 minute sketches) "Brawlgasm"

There is currently speculation and rumours about Lyle and Dex's relationship concerning him leaving Sanity.