Manly Musicals
Season 4, Episode 9
Air date July 1, 2013
Written by DexterBoy124
Directed by DexterBoy124
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Manly Musicals is the ninth episode in the Fourth season of Sanity Not Included and the 42nd overall episode of the show. It was uploaded to youtube on July 1, 2013, and has been viewed over 350,000 times.


Dex and Aleks escape from Minecraft whilst singing a 'Manly Musical'. Meanwhile Nina and Amanda talk to the Hobo bumfiddler about how they can find Dex and Aleks. 

Games UsedEdit

  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Minecraft

Characters FeaturedEdit




Sanity Not Included Manly Musicals (S04E09)-0

Sanity Not Included Manly Musicals (S04E09)-0


Dexter: I think it’s about time right now for a gay musical. So is this what it’s like, yeah, to feel so alone and hopeless, oh maybe I’ve always felt this way but it just took a while to notice. -grunt-  Fucking Minecraft

Aleks: I’m stuck here, but it’s not the end there’s a way out I just need a hand, I gotta find Dex, he’s my best friend. If I was a desert then he’d be the sand.

Dexter: If it wasn’t for Aleks then I’d be back home, searching for porn on google chrome, but instead I’m stuck here inside Minecraft. Wait hold up is that a mine shaft?

Aleks: I know it’s my fault, I messed up but I made a promise that I won’t give up. If we work together we can do anything because Dex and I are a super team.

Dexter: Maybe I should’ve apologised. If it wasn’t for Aleks then I probably would’ve died.

Aleks: My dad always said forgive and forget, then he killed my brother with his hatchet. -pause- Dex!

Dexter: Aleks! Aleks look I’m so sorry I didn’t mean any of that.

Aleks: No Dex I’m sorry you were right I’m dumber than a caterpillar with no teeth.

Dexter: I don’t recall saying that to you and I’m glad were on the same page here.

Aleks: W-w-wait, w-w-what page? W-w-what book are you talking about?

Dexter: Jesus Christ Aleks forget about it. Look I think we found us the way out.

Aleks: Do you think it’ll work?

Dexter: Don’t know lets find out.


Aleks: Friends until the end.

Dexter: The bestest, the bestest.

Aleks: Cos were friends until the end.

Dexter: Oh oh oh oh oh bromance.

Aleks: Friends until the end.

Dexter: The bestest, oh oh yes.

Aleks: Cos were friend until the end.

Dexter: Oh yes oh.

Aleks: Yeah.

Dexter: Oh yeah baby.

Aleks:Oh yeah.

Dexter: Oh yes.

Aleks: Heh yes.

Dexter: Bring it back.

Aleks: Oh sick yeah.

Dexter: Oh.

Aleks: When does it stop?

Dexter: I dunno.

Aleks: When does it stop?!

Dexter: I’m guessing now.