This unnamed man is a recurring character in the Sanity Not Included series. He gave birth to one of the most iconic sayings of the series, "I need you to *sniiiiiiiiiiiiff* SAAAVE THE WOOORLD!".

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Mystery Guy in "Save the Phallus"

While the origin of this character is unknown, he appears to be an agent of some sort. For no known reason, he always tries to convince Dex and Lyle to "Save the World". It has become a recurring joke involving him getting shot in the balls every time he utters the words "SAAAVE THE WOOORLD!".

Most of the time he is voiced by DruoxTheShredder, exept for the "SAAAVE THE WOOORLD!" line , when he is voiced by Lyle (GuitarmasterX7). This is probably the reason that he sniffs before he says the line, so you won't hear a gap when the voice switches from Druox to Lyle.


Save The WorldEdit

His first appearance was in Save The World, where he arrived at Dex and Lyle's doorstep asking them to save the world. They refuse, which makes him upset and also makes him shoot himself in the balls with a handgun.


In the episode 'Finale', he is portrayed as a villain. He once again tries to convince Dex and Lyle to save the world, calling his army of ninjas against them. Dex and Lyle easily overpower the ninjas and then discover that he is holding Nina hostage. He asks them to "SAAAVE THE WORLD!", Lyle replies with "FUCK THE WORLD!" and shoots him in the balls. He then calls on a robot mech to kill Dex and Lyle, which malfunctions at first, which gives time for Dex and Lyle to defeat to ninjas he called, with Lyle using the American flag and Dex using the Queen. After long, the robot gets fixed, where he starts to charge it's laser, asking once again for them to save the world. Before the laser is fired, Dex and Lyle deny the request and launch the Queen which then penetrates the mech, making it explode.

Save The PhallusEdit

He then reappears in Save the Phallus, but for a different purpose. As soon as Dex opens the door, he denies his assumed request. He then clarifies that he is actually there to deliver a pizza. As he gives them the pizza, an alien in the shape of a gun lands in the front yard, claiming that they are here to obliterate a human phallus. The mystery guy then reveals that this is the reason he asks them to save the world, where the alien then shoots him in the balls before he can finish the phrase. The aliens then leave and Dex and Lyle could only bother caring about the fact that he dropped their pizza.

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"Save the world!"