Screenshot of Objection!

Objection! is a song featured in Shepherd's Delight and is also in the Sanity Not Included Album. It also has its own full video on Machinima, uploaded on January 8, 2012. It has received over 300,000 views.


Court is now in session!

Bullshit, you're a liar! This auto tune makes me sound on fire!

Shit man I'm innocent!

No you're not!!!

You sell drugs to kids!

Your suppliers a clown!

I'm pretty sure you're birds are high!

They keep falling down!

Man you got this all messed up!

They made me do it! I wanted to quit!

It's those birds they'll kill my ass.

'Less I sell those drugs 'n' shit!

Objection! That's fucking stupid!

You're telling us you've been taken hostage by some birds?

Yeah Man!

Hold it! Bring the birds to the stand.

Now tell us why you're here and explain in your own words.

So birds. What's your plea?



You know I'm standing right here.

I have seen you drinking a beer.

Nah mate! I'm a bit preoccupied.

Here, I got some chick down on my crotch!


You're both welcome to stay and watch.

Oooooh! Turn it down a notch!


Who needs chicks?!

When you have coffee!

I sip like a bitch! (Me too!)

Okay then guys back to the case.

He's guilty I can tell by his face.

The color of evil, the color of blue- I love you.

Objection! What's wrong with the color blue?

Well to me yellow beats all the rest!

Hold it! Suck my balls!

I will gladly suck your balls after I'm done with you.

La, la, la...

I find it so funny...

La, la, la...

That auto tune...

La, la, la...

Can make anybody who sounds like shit, sound like...


Anyway where are we?

I have completely forgotten who's guilty.

I've no idea! I think it was him!

Take him away and chop off his limbs!

Objection! You got the wrong guy.

I'm pretty sure I didn't because I am the judge!

Hold it! It was worth a try!

Don't worry he'll love prison cause you get free fudge.

Hold it! Drink coffee with me!


Objection! She's about to end my fun!

There you go, zippers all done!

Ah cheers love! Anytime!

She finally did my zipper up!

So for this whole time, she was just doing up your zipper?

Yeah mate!


Sanity Not Included Objection! Full Version

Sanity Not Included Objection! Full Version