Raust Blackdragon (Spelt in a video by GuitarMasterX7 'Rauss' but spelt 'Raust' in a different video by DexterBoy124), is a fictional character in Sanity Not Included. He appears in Season 2, Incarcerated Reading and Read My Bullets


In this episode he reveals he is a the warden of the prison that Dexter and Lyle, get sent to. He reads his novel to the prisoners which is considered the worst punishment available. After listening to it for hours, it can drive you insane.

After his defeat he suffered full body paralyzation.



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"Women, no respect for modern writing. That's why I stick to men!" - Incarcerated Reading



  • Raust is supposedly based on a YouTuber named Raust BlackDragon (His YouTube name being RaustBD), as he looks like him, sounds a little bit like him, he loves Fire Emblem, and he wrote a novel.
  • On one of Dex's original series titled "Phoenix Wright, Bullshit Evolved", he makes an episode about a case where the antagonist, named "Raust Blackdragon" is suing his ex girlfriend because she plagurised him about the novel he wrote. The reason she claimed that she was the novel, was because he paid more attention to [Fire Emblem] than to her.