Sanity Not Included Album
Dexter Manning
Released 18, January 2011
Recorded Late 2010
Length 21:48

The Official Sanity Not Included Album came out on the 17th of January 2011 before season 2 came out. It comes with an Explicit sign on the songs and a Parental Advisory sign. It includes 9 songs some featured already in Sanity others not and some have their own Music Videos.

List of songs (in order)Edit

  1. Da Boobyz
  2. Limbo Love
  3. Camper Song (Bonus Song)
  4. Sandwich Queen
  5. Inner P***k
  6. Objection!
  7. Raust Rap
  8. The Power of Religion
  9. Slag Song

Cover of the album on Itunes.