Tommy 2

Tommy is Amanda's sister's son.


Tommy made his first appearance in the animated section of Babysitting, the 4th episode of the second season. In the episode, Dex has promised Amanda that he would take care of Tommy in her place, but upon her arrival he has forgotten his promise, so Amanda angrily reminds him of it by leaving the baby in his hands. After a series of discussions baby Tommy ends up under the care of Nina who above all this does not like babies. Tommy proves to be a handful for Nina because of his turbulent child behaviour. E.g. when he crawls toward a blazing oven Nina tries to stop him but instated she hits her head on one of the kitchen cabinets. Following this the baby puts a loaded gun in his mouth however Nina is able to get it away from him. Lastly, Tommy wonders outside but only to find himself in a catapult placed by Lyle and Dex which then launches him into the air. His whereabouts are unknown, but it is very probable that he is deceases.    

Appearance Edit

Tommy is a young infant with pale skin, blond hair, and black eyes. The only articles of clothing he is seen wearing are a plain white diaper and white socks.   

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